What’s with Clash of Clans Application?

More and more people are starting to get hooked with Clash of Clans. This is not surprising considering the fact that the game could be a certified mind-boggler. This is a popular strategy game which has been originally designed for Apple application store. It suddenly turned out to be accessible even for Android users too. The game is easy to download for it is free. It even comes with this 4.5 star rating. Addict players are so engrossed to the application that there are people out there who resort to the use of clash of clans hack. Clash of clans is available for download in the iTunes store. This would fit both iPhone and iPad. SuperCell is the one responsible for the whole game.

The fuss the game makes is considerably unbelievable because it has only been launched way back 2 years ago. There are myriad updates built since then. The newest update was done in April of 2013. The game comes with a variation in language. There are 9 to be more specific. It comes with this fantasy violence, or mild cartoon violence. The game has this size of 47.9 MB. It would require an iOS version of at least 4.3 in order to be downloaded. Do not worry because the mentioned application is known for its stability. It would not crash so much. This might be expected. This is comparable to other games which have the habit of crashing all the time. This is a free game so check it out now while it is hot.

The Best Football Games on Your Phone

The World Cup for football only happens every four years, and unfortunately, this is quite the lament for fans all over the world. Sure, there are leagues and several other game tournaments that may feature your team, but nothing is as prominent as the anticipation of watching the different happenings in the World Cup. This is the reason why more and more games that are football related are popping up, perhaps to make the whole experience more accessible to fans all over the world. One of the best games is FIFA 14, a mobile based game that may be downloaded in your phone and played anytime, anywhere.



A goal in the game may deiced the winner or loser for football. It is a crucial part, and for fans all over the world, what better way to communicate their love of the game than by getting its virtual version on their phones. You can play for your favorite team and as different athletes so when it comes to variety, you won’t want for anything more. These types of games have become so famous that fifa 14 cheats can now be found in almost any gaming archive online. It only goes to show that many people are interested in playing the game, even more so because it was made available for mobile devices. There is also the fact that more and more people are getting the hang of it because it’s not only for football fans, but for anyone who might be curious for playing.